Thursday, September 16, 2010


Chilaquiles are all the rage... no seriously, they are. I first encountered these on a menu at El Rey in Philadelphia. I had never heard of them, so I asked the server, and I am glad I did. The server described them as their homemade tortilla chips tossed, until slightly soft, with salsa verde. Then, they are topped with cotija cheese and Mexican crema. THEN!... (the best part)... they are topped with 2 fried eggs. There are other variations that include topping the chilaquiles with chicken, skirt steak, etc. However, I just had to try it with the fried eggs. So amazingly good.

Since then, I have seen the Executive Chef from El Rey on a local news show, making this exact recipe [Side note: Apparently these have been voted best hangover food in Philadelphia]. And, I have also seen Marcela Valladolid make it on her Food Network Show, Mexican Made Easy.

I decided to give these a try, using Marcela's recipe. I have made other salsa verde in the past, but Marcela's version won me over. It is a little more labor intensive, but it is well worth it. Chips, salsa, and eggs sound like a strange combination, but trust me, this is delicious!

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